Hello from USSR

2013-06-03 18:12:01 by Vladibear

Hello again Newground. Grats with summer and stuff. Anyway, gotta be productive, wanna help, wanna be the guy.....ok, anyway. I am VA and i want to prove that. I am just startin', so i want to improve! Give me a job, i'll take it! My voice? Will be at my NG-page. That's it, thx for reading.

Well, hello there, a guy or girl that read this message. In it i just gonna say that i will try myself in voice acting. Lovely, isn't it? Why you still reading, wanna read more? Well okay. I am so bored in my home, that borinnes star leaking through my ear hole. And lack of deals start push my brains. Maybe a potential artist, which will find my voice suitable, gonna help me. That's all. Thx for reading and have a nice day.

Umm, i had nothing to do.

2011-05-11 05:25:59 by Vladibear

Well, in Kzakhstan so many news, and i dont know who will read my post, but you should know. There is U.N.T. coming, our "Country of products" was burned down, well that's all. And, the guy that have just read this post. Yes, you. From other side of screen, thx for reading.


2011-04-11 05:59:28 by Vladibear

I am only a day here, but started really love this place! Many things i dont understand, but it will come with time.